I’m still running

out for a run

out for a run

Just went for a nice run at the Pearl where I now live. Hot but still really good to stretch the legs. Fortunately the mildly injured soccer muscle up high in the thigh apparently has little to do with running.  Heading down the boardwalk in a little while for an Iftar dinner at a Lebanese place the office was talking about.
Getting medical checks, driver’s license, Qatari ID, work visa is a zany process but fun in a way. Our driver Saaed from Egypt knows the ins and outs of this City as he drives everyone around for these things, and he’s very fun to listen to as he explains the whimsical processes while zipping though heavy traffic and around roundabouts (a crazy British invention almost as odd as positive ground).
Miss you guys. Come visit.


Tournament results and awards

“Q22” below stands for Qatar 2022, which means the organizing committee for the World Cup program that is being planned for 2022.

The Q22 Ramadan Staff Football Tournament got off to a great start this year, with a total of 64 members of the team participating. The whole tournament proved to be an incredible success, with everyone involved having a great time while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, in line with our Value of Unity and our strategic goals and objectives.

The players were split into eight different teams, with each team playing three group stage matches. Competition was fierce throughout, with just the top two teams from each group progressing to the knock-out stages. In the end, though, only one team was left standing. Solar Power triumphed over FC Oryx in the battle for the championship, claiming an impressive 11-2 victory.

A hearty round of applause to Solar Power (Apostolis Kalogiannis, Joseph Newnham, Hon NG, Khalid Ba-Abbad, Sakis Batsilas and Zaid Mosawy)who just wrote themselves into Q22 history as the winners of our first ever Ramadan Staff Football Tournament.

The captains of the eight participating teams voted to give the Best Player Award to Hon Ng, who was instrumental in the success of his tournament-winning team.

The Golden Boot Award, for the tournament’s top scorer, was tightly fought, with the winner decided on the final day of the tournament. Seamus McLoughney put together an impressive tally, scoring a remarkable 26 goals to edge out Jamie Frost and Hon NG for the title.

Finally, the Fair Play Award, for the team that had the fewest bookings and demonstrated exemplary sportsmanlike conduct on and off the pitch, was given to FC Falcons (Daniel Jonak, Rhali Amrani, Tobias Toon, James Stearn, Fadel Zitoun, Haroon Haider, Rauf Mammadov).

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who contributed to the success of the tournament. We are already planning more ways to keep Q22 healthy and improve football participation.