Meeting new friends



The best pancake place in Doha is Ric’s Kountry Kitchen. It opened here in 1997 by Rick, from Oklahoma, who was an oilman in the Persian Gulf. After quite a few years of oil work, he decided to open a pancake place in Doha. Pictured to my right are Ric’s daughter Ashley (Harley shirt) and her best friend Michelle. On the tube is the Miami – Dallas game.  A special subscription needs to be purchased in order to watch NFL games all season. Pancakes, brewed coffee, and an NFL game.  Almost feels like home. Perhaps I’ll start gaining weight now.
This is the first day of Eid, which follows Ramadan. It’s about a 2 week holiday for Qatari’s and other Muslims across the Arab World. Kind of like our Christmas. We expats get only 3 of the days off, but they’re in conjunction with a weekend, so I’m at the start of 5 days off. I’ll get my apartment in order, see a few sights, and do some running. Quite hot and humid (for another month) but I really don’t mind.
Next stop is the Souq, which is nearby Ric’s.  I need to shop for some small baskets to hold all the little miscellaneous piles of stuff I have stashed around the apartment. I need to clean things up before Sheikha Gaila arrives next month. Rather than purchasing the nondescript baskets at Ikea, I decided to hold off and find some more original baskets from the Souq or possibly the Omani Market which specialize in many regional goods continuing the ancient trading traditions.
Happy running. Enjoy the Peppermint Run this weekend!
Eid Mubarak.


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